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the moon

foto-luna-homeThe moon has an incredible importance in every aspect of life on the planet. With its gravitational pull it creates tides and rising sea level, affecting a significant effect on the flow of sap in plants. In the past the moon had a key role in crop management, resulting in precise timetables to be met with rigor .

When we work in the vineyard we try to keep attention with this great wealth of knowledge and to use it with awareness.

We cut the branches of the willow for tying the shoots only on days when the moon is “thin”, so as not to hurt the plant or rot ” stroppe ” or fastenings . Even the acacia trees used to make the poles to support vines are cut with a favorable moon to ensure a period of several decades .

A pruned vine with crescent moon will develop differently from a another pruned with a waning moon, and this gives us the ability to act appropriately, supporting the natural process of development of the plant.