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The Method

al lavoroOur ideas are transformed every day into agricultural practices.
Since from the very early stages of the setting of the vineyard, terraces have obediently followed the topography of the land without any type of forcing.

No movement of land that would affect the turf. The roots of the vines are supported by poles made of acacia wood from the surrounding forest, cut taking into account the phases of the moon to give them more consistency and durability. The vines are linked only by using a variety of willow that grows to the ends of the rows, in any way, avoiding the use of plastic. The rows are maintained with grass, without plowing which would harm the organic balance, which is essential for the fixing of the nutrients. The grass cutting is done mostly by hand with a scythe.

legatura 2 webDuring the harvest, the vines are harvested by hand without damaging the grapes that are immediately brought to the cellar. During winter time, when all the leaves have fallen, we proceed to the new pruning and tying the vines to fruit. For this operation it is important to take into account the phases of the moon, depending on whether you want to give more ‘vigor’ to the plant or contain development. Everything, therefore, takes place in a harmonious way, without exaggeration, in a natural way, following the organic method, which does not in any way allow the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.